Articles published in July 2009

Alfa Romeo’s strange idea of not waiting (17-Jul-2009)

A link to a page that isn’t online yet is never a good idea. A link called ‘My Alfa WITHOUT WAITING’ that leads to a ‘COMING SOON’ page is simply hilarious.

Push the button (10-Jul-2009)

Ah summer… The ideal time for a trip to the seaside. And a ride on the coast tram from one pretty place to another.

But what do we see when we visit the site of the Belgian coast tram? Is that an intro screen? Hmm… So, how do we find the real website with the timetable and all that boring practical stuff? By doing exactly what you do when you want to get off the tram at the next stop. You push the button.

Fun, right? Wrong.

Are you afraid of the phone? (09-Jul-2009)

In an ideal world all your visitors find what they’re looking for on your site without any trouble. They order online and don’t cause you any trouble. They don’t send you any pesky emails and they certainly do not want to call you on the phone. But this isn’t an ideal world. It’s the real world, where people do have questions and do want to call you. So let them.

Anchor links: do’s and don’ts (01-Jul-2009)

Jump links or anchor links give people an overview of the content of a long page and help them to quickly go to the part of the page they want. Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts. Plus a few examples.