Articles published in December 2009

10 most popular usability articles in 2009 (23-Dec-2009)

Overview of the 10 most popular articles on usability and information architecture on The Web Usability Blog in 2009.

4 product comparison best practices (22-Dec-2009)

Comparing products is one of the top tasks on the web. Make it easy for users to compare your products or services. 4 best practices.

Google by marketing managers (18-Dec-2009)

What would Google look like if marketing managers and CEOs got involved? Probably a lot different than today’s simple focus on search… Warning: the video may shock sensitive viewers.

Homepage focus: Google (18-Dec-2009)

Google’s new homepage focuses 100% on search. Tools and advertising programs are not prominently displayed. A classic example of knowing what your visitors’ top tasks are and acting on it.

Choose images carefully (11-Dec-2009)

The wrong images can give people the wrong idea about your company…

Usability and copywriting article roundup (09-Dec-2009)

Great articles on usability and copywriting, some quotes and a handy tool to check what your mailings look like in different mailclients.