Articles published in 2009

Information architecture: the basics (30-Sep-2009)

What is information architecture? Why is it so important? What can you do to ensure your website has a good information structure?

Stop the presses – we’ve got a new website! (25-Sep-2009)

Don’t bore people with messages about your new website. It’s not just inappropriate, it could cost you customers.

Screen resolution statistics and tips (23-Sep-2009)

Which screen resolutions do people in Belgium use to surf the web? And what does that mean for your website’s layout?

The right message at the right time (21-Sep-2009)

What happened? While uploading a picture on Flickr last week, I got the following message. Of course I want to upgrade. Immediately. After all, I’ve already used a full 1% of my monthly limit. Where do I sign up? What’s wrong with this message? Flickr shows me a message that isn’t relevant to me. I’ve […]

Browser statistics (17-Sep-2009)

Which browsers and operating systems do people use to surf your website in Belgium? Is Firefox catching up with Internet Explorer? Is Chrome as popular with housewives as it is with geeks? The market share of the different browsers in Belgium. Figures for September 2009.

No such thing as bad publicity? (11-Sep-2009)

Is there really no such thing as bad publicity? What about somebody else’s bad publicity shown on your website? Check out the example from Citroen.

Usability pot-pourri (10-Sep-2009)

2 articles about usability, a handy tool, a few quotes and a movie. A South Park spoof. Go on, you know you want to see it.

Here’s one for the internet museum (06-Sep-2009)

Paying hommage to the homepage of the Belgian town of Moerbeke-Waas, a treasure from a bygone era.

User-friendly error messages: 7 tips (28-Aug-2009)

A lot of websites make usability mistakes on their form pages. And that costs visitors. On a form page that’s extra painful because if you lose a visitor there, you loose a very valuable visitor. A visitor who’s willing to make the effort to get in touch with you or perhaps even to order something. 7 tips for user-friendly error messages.

Does your website need a manual? (21-Aug-2009)

No matter how long you thought about the concept of your website, no matter how great the idea looks on paper, no matter how unique or – God forbid – innovative you might think it is, if the average user doesn’t know what to do when he sees your website… start over.