Articles published in February 2010

Experts don’t know everything, not even usability experts (19-Feb-2010)

Web builders or information architects who claim they don’t need to involve real users because ‘they know what’s best’ are pretty pretentious.

CMSs don’t manage websites – people do (16-Feb-2010)

A CMS is a great tool that helps you create and publish content on your website. What a CMS can not do, is manage your website’s content. You need a real live person to do that.

4 examples of clumsy title tags (12-Feb-2010)

Title tags are important if you want to do well in Google. 4 examples of what not to do and 8 tips on how to get it right.

8 tips for the perfect title tag (08-Feb-2010)

The title tag is very important if you want to score well in Google. 8 tips for the perfect title tag.