Articles published in 2010

Extremely advanced search (17-May-2010)

Advanced search. It sounds user-friendly, but most of the time it isn’t. This is one of those times.

Navigation versus search (03-May-2010)

Is navigation still important? Or do most people use your search feature? If you’ve never checked your logfiles, you’re probably in for a surprise…

The people at Lego are slightly paranoid… (09-Apr-2010)

People called Laetitia or Massimo can’t use their own names as user names on Why not? Because they’re perverts. At least that’s what Lego seems to think…

12 tips for the perfect description tag (22-Mar-2010)

A good description tag helps you get more visitors via Google. 12 tips to write a description tag that delivers.

This route is not available at the moment (12-Mar-2010)

Route planner Mappy has an error message that says ‘Sorry, this route is not available at the moment’. I’m not sure that’s what they really mean though.

Description tag: what is it and why is it so important? (08-Mar-2010)

The description tag is a hidden piece of html code that can make the difference between some visitors via Google and loads of visitors via Google. This article answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the description tag.

Experts don’t know everything, not even usability experts (19-Feb-2010)

Web builders or information architects who claim they don’t need to involve real users because ‘they know what’s best’ are pretty pretentious.

CMSs don’t manage websites – people do (16-Feb-2010)

A CMS is a great tool that helps you create and publish content on your website. What a CMS can not do, is manage your website’s content. You need a real live person to do that.

4 examples of clumsy title tags (12-Feb-2010)

Title tags are important if you want to do well in Google. 4 examples of what not to do and 8 tips on how to get it right.

8 tips for the perfect title tag (08-Feb-2010)

The title tag is very important if you want to score well in Google. 8 tips for the perfect title tag.