Category: Information architecture

How to track down the least visited pages of your website and what to do with them (25-Aug-2010)

Producing content is fun. But are all those pages really helping users? Or are they getting in the way? A step-by-step guide to putting your website on a diet.

Navigation versus search (03-May-2010)

Is navigation still important? Or do most people use your search feature? If you’ve never checked your logfiles, you’re probably in for a surprise…

12 tips for the perfect description tag (22-Mar-2010)

A good description tag helps you get more visitors via Google. 12 tips to write a description tag that delivers.

Experts don’t know everything, not even usability experts (19-Feb-2010)

Web builders or information architects who claim they don’t need to involve real users because ‘they know what’s best’ are pretty pretentious.

CMSs don’t manage websites – people do (16-Feb-2010)

A CMS is a great tool that helps you create and publish content on your website. What a CMS can not do, is manage your website’s content. You need a real live person to do that.

Webdesign process: is the customer king? (31-Jan-2010)

Not the company that owns the website should be central in the webdesign process but the company’s customers. Talk to them to find out what they want.

4 product comparison best practices (22-Dec-2009)

Comparing products is one of the top tasks on the web. Make it easy for users to compare your products or services. 4 best practices.

Homepage focus: Google (18-Dec-2009)

Google’s new homepage focuses 100% on search. Tools and advertising programs are not prominently displayed. A classic example of knowing what your visitors’ top tasks are and acting on it.

Information architecture: the basics (30-Sep-2009)

What is information architecture? Why is it so important? What can you do to ensure your website has a good information structure?