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Usability and copywriting article roundup (09-Dec-2009)

Great articles on usability and copywriting, some quotes and a handy tool to check what your mailings look like in different mailclients.

Usability articles (28-Oct-2009)

Articles on user testing versus expert reviews, the ideal user test moderator, the way links should work and the role of data in the design process.

Usability pot-pourri (10-Sep-2009)

2 articles about usability, a handy tool, a few quotes and a movie. A South Park spoof. Go on, you know you want to see it.

Focus: the basis of every good web page (28-Jun-2009)

Reading a book about photography, I was struck by the many similarities between a good photograph and a good web page. Focus, simplicity and the right point of view: the basis of every good web page. Does every page of your website have the right focus?