Gender error

According to Citroën I’m suffering from a ‘gender error’.

I am a LADY!

Should I panic? Wear more make-up maybe? Stuff some of those chicken cutlets down my bra?

None of the above. It seems I simply forgot to tell them whether I am a MR, MISS or MRS.


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  • Raf


    please note that you even can’t reach that page whithout having Flash Player 10 installed and Javascript enabled. I’m working on a company laptop without admin rights, no possibility to install Flash player for me. Citroen won’t turn me into a happy customer!

    Usability, yes Sir! Let’s go to the Germans…

  • Els Aerts

    The new Belgian Citroën site is nothing short of a disaster. Building the entire thing in Flash? Are they smoking crack or something?

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