Google by marketing managers

Earlier we wrote on this blog that Google is a classic example of focusing on your top tasks.

This is what Google would look like if the average web manager, marketing manager, advertising guru or CEO had a say in it. (Granted, it’d look more polished and glitzy but the content wouldn’t differ so much.)

How did we come to this conclusion? Crank up your speakers and watch the 3 minute video with commentary by my lovely colleague Karl Gilis. You’ll never look at your own homepage the same way again…

Credit where credit is due

All the credit for this example goes to Gerry McGovern who shows a similar version in his seminars.

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  • Pieter Goyens

    Great post, Els. My favorite slide shows only two screenshots of Google’s homepage. One from 1998 and one at the moment. You can hardly see any difference. Google’s everlasting white rules!

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