Visa’s idea of safe: Internet Explorer 6

Visa describes Visa Online as “Your one destination for all your Visa business needs”.

Sounds promising, doesn’t it? I thought so. Untill I actually tried to get into the European website.

It didn’t work in Firefox, even though I was using the latest version.

Maybe it’s one of these sites that only work in Internet Explorer. Let’s give IE8 a go.

Nope. And it seems like the two guys in the picture are having the same problem. Those are not happy faces…

Internet Explorer 6 only

Wait a minute, what’s that? Internet Explorer 6 only? They’re kidding, right?

Apparently the people at Visa realised this is not acceptable. A few weeks after the first screenshot, they changed the page.

They are now working to add full support for multiple browsers. Isn’t that sweet?

Safety first!

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  • Wouter

    Awesome find!

  • Els Aerts

    There’s treasure everywhere.

  • jitendra vyas

    he he he :)

  • Alex

    but they said IE6 on XP or Vista….I didn’t even know you could install IE6 on vista….FAIL