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Visa’s idea of safe: Internet Explorer 6 (11-Aug-2010)

In 2010, the only way to get into Visa Online is with Internet Explorer 6. In a business where safety is key, that’s not exactly ideal…

Screen resolution statistics and tips (23-Sep-2009)

Which screen resolutions do people in Belgium use to surf the web? And what does that mean for your website’s layout?

Browser statistics (17-Sep-2009)

Which browsers and operating systems do people use to surf your website in Belgium? Is Firefox catching up with Internet Explorer? Is Chrome as popular with housewives as it is with geeks? The market share of the different browsers in Belgium. Figures for September 2009.

Usability pot-pourri (10-Sep-2009)

2 articles about usability, a handy tool, a few quotes and a movie. A South Park spoof. Go on, you know you want to see it.

Hang on to your ego (19-Jun-2009)

Attention please: you can only look at this website if your JavaScript is on and if you have installed the latest version of Flash. Please kneel while we grant you the privilege of looking at our magnificent website.

We don’t want your old crap (13-Jun-2009)

A lot of websites tell Internet Explorer 6 users their browser is dated. That’s not the greatest idea. Their browser is their choice, not yours.