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Registration kills conversion (25-Oct-2010)

A lot of online shops force you to create an account or register before you can buy anything. Not the best move if you want to actually make some money. Read why.

User-friendly error messages: 7 tips (28-Aug-2009)

A lot of websites make usability mistakes on their form pages. And that costs visitors. On a form page that’s extra painful because if you lose a visitor there, you loose a very valuable visitor. A visitor who’s willing to make the effort to get in touch with you or perhaps even to order something. 7 tips for user-friendly error messages.

Gender error (14-Aug-2009)

According to Citro├źn I’m suffering a ‘gender error’. Should I panic? Wear more make-up maybe? Stuff some of those chicken cutlets down my bra? None of the above. It seems I simply forgot to tell them whether I am a MR, MISS or MRS. Phew.

Passwords: to hide or not to hide? (02-Aug-2009)

Hiding passwords behind a row of bullets causes more problems than it’s worth, according to Jakob Nielsen. His advice: show the password on the screen by default and give users a check-box to indicate they want to hide it. Is that really the best solution?