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Use pictures to direct the user’s gaze (06-Jan-2010)

Pictures of people add value if you use them to direct your users’ eye gaze pattern. The eye gaze direction of the person in a picture dictates that of the person who’s looking at the picture. Have a look at our examples.

Choose images carefully (11-Dec-2009)

The wrong images can give people the wrong idea about your company…

Can you pick the right picture? (11-Oct-2009)

You think a picture is worth a thousand words? Take our little single question quiz. And think again.

No more smiling faces (13-May-2009)

It is positively frightening to see how many companies still put pictures of smiling people on their homepage and other important pages. Are there really still marketing people out there who think that stuff works on the internet?

In our experience, people react negatively rather than positively to these smiley pictures. They think they’re fake. Regular people don’t relate to unnaturally white, unnaturally wide smiles. Customers aren’t fooled by these shiny pictures. They want a website that gets to the point. And they expect your pictures to be to the point too.