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Analyse your site search to increase ROI (29-Jul-2010)

Finding out what people use your search feature for, helps you to know what your visitors really want. Once you know that, you can adjust your site accordingly and turn that knowledge into profit. Read our tips.

Analyse your own site search with Google Analytics (20-Jun-2010)

By telling Google Analytics how your search feature works, you can analyse your visitors’ queries. We tell you how.

Extremely advanced search (17-May-2010)

Advanced search. It sounds user-friendly, but most of the time it isn’t. This is one of those times.

Navigation versus search (03-May-2010)

Is navigation still important? Or do most people use your search feature? If you’ve never checked your logfiles, you’re probably in for a surprise…

From Cultuurweb to 300% more visitors (29-Nov-2009)

Usability improvements increased UiTinVlaanderen’s visitor numbers with 300%. The website also finished 2nd in 2 categories at the Usability Awards 2009.

Search = type-in field + button (24-Apr-2009)

If your web site has a search feature, it’s important that visitors recognize it as such. And know how to use it. All in all, that’s not a very hard thing to do. Here’s a few tips for a simple search interface.

Search is no place to get creative (17-Apr-2009)

Creativity is a good thing. Getting overly creative when designing a search feature isn’t. A short story about search in 4 screenshots.

Search results: layout tips (09-Apr-2009)

Most surfers only use a site’s search feature if they can’t find what they’re looking for via the navigation or the homepage. That means most people are already slightly irritated the moment they start searching. Making sure the page with search results helps people find what they’re looking for fast is very important.¬†With these tips […]