Category: Usability

This route is not available at the moment (12-Mar-2010)

Route planner Mappy has an error message that says ‘Sorry, this route is not available at the moment’. I’m not sure that’s what they really mean though.

Experts don’t know everything, not even usability experts (19-Feb-2010)

Web builders or information architects who claim they don’t need to involve real users because ‘they know what’s best’ are pretty pretentious.

Product overview: do’s and don’ts (18-Jan-2010)

Good and bad examples of product overview pages. The do’s and don’ts of product comparison online.

Use pictures to direct the user’s gaze (06-Jan-2010)

Pictures of people add value if you use them to direct your users’ eye gaze pattern. The eye gaze direction of the person in a picture dictates that of the person who’s looking at the picture. Have a look at our examples.

10 most popular usability articles in 2009 (23-Dec-2009)

Overview of the 10 most popular articles on usability and information architecture on The Web Usability Blog in 2009.

4 product comparison best practices (22-Dec-2009)

Comparing products is one of the top tasks on the web. Make it easy for users to compare your products or services. 4 best practices.

Google by marketing managers (18-Dec-2009)

What would Google look like if marketing managers and CEOs got involved? Probably a lot different than today’s simple focus on search… Warning: the video may shock sensitive viewers.

Homepage focus: Google (18-Dec-2009)

Google’s new homepage focuses 100% on search. Tools and advertising programs are not prominently displayed. A classic example of knowing what your visitors’ top tasks are and acting on it.

Choose images carefully (11-Dec-2009)

The wrong images can give people the wrong idea about your company…

From Cultuurweb to 300% more visitors (29-Nov-2009)

Usability improvements increased UiTinVlaanderen’s visitor numbers with 300%. The website also finished 2nd in 2 categories at the Usability Awards 2009.