Does your website need a manual?

For years now usability professionals and good designers have tried to make it clear to, well, less good designers that a website’s design should be self-evident.

No explanation needed.

A website that needs a manual is a bad website

No matter how long you thought about the concept of your website, no matter how great the idea looks on paper, no matter how unique or – God forbid – innovative you might think it is, if the average user doesn’t know what to do when he sees your website… start over.

The makers of obviously don’t share this view. This is what the user sees, after skipping the obligatory intro this kind of site seem to automatically come with.

Cool. Let’s have a look at the ‘services’.

Interesting. But nothing seems clickable. So what do I do now?

Wait a minute. What’s that teeny question mark at the bottom left doing there?

Voilà. The manual for the website. Isn’t that considerate of them?

Thanks to reader Stijn Zwanckaert for tipping us off on this one.

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  • Vin

    This is great. Job security for people like us :-)

  • Gary


    it always amazes me when I see sites like this still exist. I remember finding a designers website a few years back where the main menu flew around the screen in a mini twister – you had to ‘catch’ the right option as it shot passed you..! Will people never learn…

  • Els Aerts

    It’s staggering how many of these sites are still around. And how many of them are still being built. This is not an old website. It boggles the mind, doesn’t it…