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Faceted search: 4 design tips (08-Jun-2010)

If you have a large range of closely related products or services, faceted search helps people to look for things based on criteria that are important for them. What are the do’s and don’ts in faceted search?

Product overview: do’s and don’ts (18-Jan-2010)

Good and bad examples of product overview pages. The do’s and don’ts of product comparison online.

4 product comparison best practices (22-Dec-2009)

Comparing products is one of the top tasks on the web. Make it easy for users to compare your products or services. 4 best practices.

Page fold: myth or reality? (18-Oct-2009)

Is the page fold a myth? Do or don’t people scroll? Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the page fold and page length.

Does your website need a manual? (21-Aug-2009)

No matter how long you thought about the concept of your website, no matter how great the idea looks on paper, no matter how unique or – God forbid – innovative you might think it is, if the average user doesn’t know what to do when he sees your website… start over.

Focus: the basis of every good web page (28-Jun-2009)

Reading a book about photography, I was struck by the many similarities between a good photograph and a good web page. Focus, simplicity and the right point of view: the basis of every good web page. Does every page of your website have the right focus?

Homepage design: horizontal lines (11-May-2009)

A lot of homepages are full to the point of overflowing with content. Most of the time, that’s not a good idea. Then again, sometimes it’s the only way to go. For a newspaper website for example, a long homepage filled with content is the norm rather than the exception.

In other words, a long homepage isn’t always a cardinal sin. At least not when it looks orderly and structured. Unfortunately, some websites look like they’ve been thrown together from a distance. The result: a mess without visual anchor points to steady and guide the visitor’s eye.