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5 tips to show users where they are on your website (31-May-2010)

Not everyone enters your website via the homepage. 5 tips to show people which website they’re on and where they are on your site.

Information architecture: the basics (30-Sep-2009)

What is information architecture? Why is it so important? What can you do to ensure your website has a good information structure?

Navigation: how not to do it (04-Aug-2009)

There is one beauty of a no-no navigation on the website of webdesign agency bx]l[ab. Completely in Flash, nice and dynamic, very interactive and as a consequence completely unusable. You have to see it to believe it.

Breadcrumb: 7 tips (08-Apr-2009)

A breadcrumb shows you where you are on a website. It shows the site’s hierarchy, from the homepage to the current page. If you take our 7 tips into account, your breadcrumb will be a very practical addition to the navigation.