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Google by marketing managers (18-Dec-2009)

What would Google look like if marketing managers and CEOs got involved? Probably a lot different than today’s simple focus on search… Warning: the video may shock sensitive viewers.

Homepage focus: Google (18-Dec-2009)

Google’s new homepage focuses 100% on search. Tools and advertising programs are not prominently displayed. A classic example of knowing what your visitors’ top tasks are and acting on it.

Brussels Airlines: public vote winner Usability Awards 2009 (11-Nov-2009)

Brussels Airlines is the public vote winner of the Usability Awards 2009. The task-oriented homepage and the user-friendly way of looking for and booking a flight are a few of the site’s highlights.

11 tips to turn your visitors into customers (15-Jun-2009)

Presentation with 11 tips to turn your website visitors into customers. Lots of eye-opening examples. Warning: you may not always like what you see. But it is the cold hard truth.